Alexander Zverev beat Robin Haase (NED) 6:4 7:5 in the first round of the Noventi Open in Halle/Germany.

Press Conference:
Q: How is the knee? It didn´t look to good on the grass. Then you were treated and somehow it went?
Zverev: Yes, I have a bit of pain and it is swollen but you could see that I was able to continue the match. The court was a bit wet but luckily then they switched on the air-conditioning and it got better. I hope it´s nothing serious and that it will be better tomorrow, not worse.

Q: You seemed very motivated on the court right from the start. Is it that you want to get further this tournament after your defeat in Stuttgart?
Zverev: I think it´s rather because this is probably one of my favourite tournaments and I´m always motivated here. Last year, I played with an injury here and lost first round and this year I really want to do well. I hope this was a good start for a good tournament for me.

Q: You will play Steve Johnson next. You only played him once and lost both sets in the tiebreak. Do you still think of that or is it a completely new story?
Zverev: I was only 18 back then. It was three and a half years ago. A lot has changed since then. It was a very good match for both of us also for me and I hope that this time it will have a different ending.

He is someone who has an unbelievable serve, a very good grass court game; he has won a few tournaments on grass. He has a good forehand and a very good slice. He beat Philipp in straight sets which also tells a lot. It won´t be an easy match but there are no bad players here. Therefore, there aren´t any easy matches here.17